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Located in Salem, Utah, we have operated the Rich J Ranch our entire lives.  We have
ridden and raised everything from mustangs to mules.  Over the years, we've found a
well deserved and great appreciation for a well bred Quarter Horse.  They have good
looks, common sense, ability and disposition.  We have based our breeding program
not only on the intelligence and train-ability of the working Quarter Horse, but the
speed and heart of the American Race Horse.  We have bred, and continue to breed  
what we feel is an ideal performance horse.
All of our stallions and mares are put through a training program.  We do this to help
ensure we are breeding intelligence, agility, speed, ability and willingness.  
Conformation is a necessity and outstanding looks are an added bonus.  We do not
breed any horse we do not feel has all the qualities we are looking for.  After training,
the mares are put out to graze in lush, green pastures year round.  All of our stallions
have spent their time in the arena.  We work them from all angles to convince us they
have what it takes, (in our eyes), to make a great stallion.  Their dispositions,
intelligence, conformation and "willing-to-do attitude" are just a few of the things we
look for.
We would like to congratulate all of you who have purchased one of our foals and
have done well.  We have horses doing well on the track, rodeo circuits and in the
show ring.  We have implemented a web page solely for this purpose.  We encourage
all of our buyers to keep us updated on their progress and accomplishments.
We would also like to take this time to extend a very heart felt "Thank You" to all of
our buyers and prospective buyers.  We have received numerous updates this year
on past foals and their progress.  Many of them are competing, both in state and
nationally, and are performing very well, while the others are "the best trail and
pleasure horse they've ever owned!"  The compliments and comments we receive
are greatly appreciated, and reinforce the confidence we have in our program.  They
assure us that we have met our goal of providing quality foals for people of all riding
levels and disciplines.  We have had great success with our breeding program, and
look forward to continuing the tradition of bringing quality foals to the public for
years to come!  We have our sale the last Friday of every September to ensure that all
of the foals get everything they need from their dams.

We have been blessed this year with the ability to bring a few new potential
broodmare's into our breeding program for next year.  We will announce their names
and pedigree as soon as they have  completed their training and comply with our
breeding standards. Some of them will be having their first foals in 2017.
We look forward to seeing all of our past buyers, and welcoming all of our new.  
Thank You for your continued support!
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